PSNL – Wishlist

Free printable Personal size Wishlist Planner Inserts – Wishlists + ShoppingLists divided in sections ‘Want’ & ‘Need’

PSNL – Week on 1 Page

Free printable Personal size Weekly/Wo1P Planner Inserts – With space for Daily Plans, Notes, Lists & more – Including a Habit Tracker.

PSNL – Vertical Wo4P

Free printable Personal size Weekly planner inserts – Vertical Week on 4 Pages: ‘Important stuff’, Meals, To do List, Goals, Habit Tracker, Spending & ‘Next Week’

PSNL – Sleep Tracker

Free Printable Personal sized Sleep Tracker Planner Inserts – Monthly Sleep Tracker from 6PM till 1 PM the next day

PSNL – 2022 Moon Calendar

Free Printable Personal size Planner Insert – 2022 Moon Calendar; Northern + Southern Hemisphere – Full Moon, New Moon, Waxing Moon, Waning Moon – 2022 at a Glance

A5, A6, PW, PSNL – Weekly Bundle #1

Free Printable Weekly Planner Inserts in A5, A6, Personal Wide and Personal size – 3x Boxed week on 2 Pages: Blank, Lines & Grid – Monday + Sunday start

PSNL – 2022 WO1P

Free printable Personal size 2022 Week on 1 Page planner inserts – with dated Weekdays, (highlighted) Calendars, To do List & Notes

PSNL – Daily Grid

Free printable Personal size Daily Grid planner insert – with ☆ header for the most important of the day

PSNL – Inbox

Free printable Personal size Inbox planner inserts for quick notes / tasks / to add to planner, etc. – in 5 Neutral Colored Floral designs

PSNL – Study Log

Free printable Personal size Study Log planner inserts with Topic lis/tracker & Task / Assignment log