PSNL – Reflection

Free printable Personal size Planner Inserts – Page for Monthly Reflection / Review – Highs & Lows, Events, Projects, ‘Accomplished’ & ‘to Improve’ and space for the next Month

HP Classic – Cleaning Schedule

Free printable Happy Planner ‘Classic’ size Household Planner Inserts – Monthly Cleaning Schedule / Tracker with Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly tasks

PSNL – Vertical Wo4P

Free printable Personal size Weekly planner inserts – Vertical Week on 4 Pages: ‘Important stuff’, Meals, To do List, Goals, Habit Tracker, Spending & ‘Next Week’

PW – Horizontal Lists Wo2P

Free Printable Personal Wide Week on 2 Pages Planner Inserts – Wo2P with Lists, Notes & Tracker – Monday & Sunday start

A6 – Cleaning Schedule

Free printable (True) A6 size Cleaning Schedule Planner Insert – with Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Checkboxes

A5 – Contacts + Info

Free Printable A5 size Planner Inserts – Contacts + Info / Adress Book Pages – Space for Name, Adress, E-mail, Phone-number & Notes

HP Classic – Vertical Wo4P

Free printable Happy Planner Classic size Planner inserts – Vertical Week on 4 Pages – including ‘Important stuff’, Meals, To do List, Goals, Habit Tracker, Spending & ‘Next Week’

A5 – Vertical Wo4P

Free printable A5 size Vertical Week on 4 Pages – with space for Important stuff, Goals, To Do’s, Week Menu/Meals, a Habit Tracker, Daily Spending and ‘Next Week’

A6 – Meal Plan

Free (True) A6 Size printable Planner inserts – Week Menu/Weekly Meal Planner with space for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Snacks + Grocery List

A5 – Monthly Reflection

Free printable A5 size Planner Inserts – Monthly Reflection: Highs/Lows, Events, Projects, Accomplished, to Improve, next Month

A6 – Monthly Habits

Free (True) A6 Size printable Planner inserts – Monthly Habit Trackers, 8 Habits per page (Titled by month)

A5 – Weekly Meal Planner

Free printable A5 Meal Planner inserts with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Drinks & Grocery List – Week Menu

A5 – Cleaning Schedule

Free printable A5 Cleaning Schedule planner insert – Monthly Cleaning with Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly & Monthly tasks