HP Classic – Daily Planner

Free Printable Happy Planner Classic size Planner Inserts – Daily Planner with Focus area, Important, Scheduled, Daily Checklist and some space for ‘Tomorrow’ + a lot of room for Notes!

Size of Inserts: HP ‘Classic’ = 7″ x 9.25″ / 178mm x 235mm

A4 : 1 x HPClassic per Page
Letter : 1 x HPClassic per Page
HPClassic : Original planner size (for pre-cut pages)
HPClassic Crop : HPClassic with CropMarks for printing on any paper bigger than HPClassic size

Download for free

The PDF’s will open by clicking the link (matching your printing-needs), a new browser-tab will open so you can view the PDF before hitting the download button.


The bordered pages (in A4 & US Letter PDF’s) are to be printed on the front side of the sheet, the borderless pages go on the back side. This way you’ll know how to print double-sided and where to cut without too much of a hassle.

Please print my inserts using the ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’ – you can download this reader for free on: get.adobe.com/reader

Always make sure your scale is set to 100% or ‘actual size’!

The Links

These free printables are for personal use only, but feel free to share my link(s) ♥ Enjoy!