Hi! My name is Anne (Aelise); planner-addict, note-nerd, printable creator and the face behind ‘Aelise’.

I started making planner printables because I felt the number of printables already out there matching both my needs and taste was too small. Also, I can get tired of a design very quickly..

Along my learning and creating-journey (it’s already been 3 years!) I have made a lottt of printables – in all kinds of styles. I guess you can call it ‘eclectic’, if you want to put a fancy name on it ;] You will find some of those here, on Aelise.nl (Basic/Bloom/Rainbow/Chique, etc.) Keeping them all for myself would be a waste!

Oh! – I have also made quite a collection of printable stickers, plus; I’m practicing my journal card-making skills/hobby. I’ll share those too, of course – you can find them under the menu-option/category ‘Deco’ :]

So, welcome on Aelise.nl ♡

Please do come visit again (I publish regularly) and most of all,
Enjoy all the printable goodies!

All downloads on aelise.nl are for -absolutely- free; no subscription / sharing / following / adds [etc.] needed! But if you do want (& are able) to support my work – you can do so by buying me a coffee:

All support (used for hosting & design-software) is greatly appreciated :] <3