A new Home for my Freebies!

Dear Follower / Visitor & fellow Planners,

Because of the trouble I have been experiencing with this domain and the functionality of the installed apps in general – I had to make a decision between: Spending a whole lot of time figuring out what exactly is going wrong (so there would be no time left to create/exercise my hobby) OR to copy as much as I can to a new domain and start fresh!

Obviously I have chosen the last option – although copying ALL material turned out te be a real big drag.. So some of the designs, I had to ‘let go’.

(Most, if not all) Freebies categorized as ‘Misc.’ did not find a home on my new domain, as did the dated Freebies (those will be relevant for only a limited period of time after all..) and the Rainbow designs (since they took me ages!).

Unfortunately; tranferring all stickers to my new website will be quite time-consuming too – so I’m not sure about doing that yet.. my apologies.

On Elizenn.com – You can now find most Freebies in the styles; ‘Basic’, ‘Chique’ and ‘Dots’

All new designs I will be posting will only appear on this domain, so If you’d like to stay up to date – I’m going to have to ask you to (re)subscribe on the elizenn website.

If there’s anything downloadable on aelise.nl you would like to hold on to, please hit that button before October 2022!

I sincerely hope to see you back on elizenn.com (and on social media, perhaps!) & big Thank you in advance for your understanding – I know A lot of you have shared links (which made this decision pretty hard); so I hope you will keep sharing & caring

Love, Anne Aelise